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In yet another below-the-belt personal attack against David Hogg, Parkland student activist and one of the leaders of the March For Our Lives movement, Laura Ingraham, notorious right-wing Fox “News” pundit, spewed this piece of bile on Twitter against the teenager in the latest effort to publicly humiliate and discredit the Parkland students, and him specifically.

His GPA is actually 4.2, according to the article she posted, but why quibble? She was using the age-old tactic of a backhanded slap, so she didn’t have to full-on insult him. The backlash has been severe and she looks like an idiot humiliating a teenager in public. So really, no harm no foul. This is all they’ve got folks. Bless their poor, delusional, batshit crazy hearts.

And once again, showing more class, grace and dignity than the supposed adults insulting him, David Hogg’s response to her is priceless:

In case anyone is still wondering, this generation is not playing around. They are not susceptible to bullshit talking points. They grew up in the Internet age of cyber bullies and know how to deal with it. These kids fully understand their power. They cannot be intimidated. And if we thought they had the NRA, GOP politicians and right-wing pundits running scared before, I have a feeling we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Advertisers on Laura Ingraham’s show:

Both Trip Advisor and Nutrish have announced they are pulling ads from Laura Ingraham’s show:


After two sponsors cancelled ads on her show, Laura Ingraham apologizes to Parkland student activist David Hogg, “In the spirit of Holy Week.” ????

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