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It was only last month that Donald Trump was deeply concerned about FBI agents being drawn away from serious work to address an investigation into … other things.

Of course, the sections of the FBI that investigate crimes such as the shooting in Florida don’t overlap with those that are slowly, carefully, inch by inch, step by step, inexorably, pitilessly, coming closer and closer and … closer to Donald Trump. So he really should not sweat about that. At all.

Besides, it’s clear that not everyone in the Trump White House shares these concerns.

Facing a legal threat from House Republicans, the FBI announced Tuesday that it is doubling to 54 the number of staffers combing through documents to comply with GOP requests for records of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

That means there are now 54 FBI agents dedicated, full-time, to the vital task of providing House Republicans with information on investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Because Hillary Clinton’s emails continue to be the most important issue facing the nation. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team consists of approximately forty people, including 17 attorneys and twenty-some investigators.

There are now officially more people investigating Hillary Clinton’s email, than Trump–Russia.

Of course, it’s only appropriate that the FBI be pouring resources into the email scandal that is rocking the nation and driving national policy. While House Republicans have already closed their investigation into that Russia thing — after admitting that they never really looked at the Russia part of that thing — they’ve opened not one, but two new investigations into Hillary Clinton.

One probe will deal with why the Obama administration allowed a Russian company to acquire U.S. uranium mines, and a second will look into why the FBI decided not to pursue charges against Clinton for use of a personal email server.

These are critical, because … they’re critical. And not at all duplication of any of the last nine investigations on these two topics, or an attempt to undermine the authority of FBI investigators. After all, there’s no need to undermine that authority.

Wray’s statement describes an intensifying demand on resources required by the bureau to fulfill the GOP subpoenas. It comes as some House Republicans have mounted an increasingly hostile campaign against the bureau leadership, accusing top DOJ and FBI officials of mishandling the Clinton investigation while assigning anti-Trump agents to oversee the Trump-Russia probe that the FBI launched in July 2016.

All the FBI agents are now working for the GOP. To help prove that all the FBI agents are corrupt.

In other news, Quantico is adding an advanced course for would-be agents in how to punch yourself in the face.

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  1. This is just bullying. How are they wasting taxpayer dollars for no crime commited while we are all having our online communications stolen by Bannon/the Mercers/CA and given to Russia to control our minds. Has anyone ever charged Bush and his admin with war crimes for 9/11. Seems when a republican administration ends, any statute of limitations on their crimes are over. We are still pouring money into this garbage and to fight Isis that Bush admin actions created.
    This republican party has effectively overtaken our administration and handed it to Russia. Any posturing they do by expelling any russian diplomats is a joke that was only done because Theresa May pressured them. Note the diplomats were still given 5 days to leave. Meaning any assassinations that needed to be done or bugs planted should be done within that time frame. what happened to Trump not wanting to give the enemies dates on when we would attack?

    • What I most remember about the Clinton Servers she had in her home, is Comey coming out and saying the NO crime had been committed! From that day forward, I hated Comey with a passion usually reserved just for tRump & the GOP! His reasoning was stupid, his comments vague and lacking in real detail, and this all happened long before he was fired and all the admiration he received for running things so wonderfully. That guy was a lying, slothful idiot right from the git-go so many years before all the other stuff heated up! He should have been fired at that time!


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