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This just goes to show that kissing Donald Trump’s plentiful a$$ really can pay dividends.

Well, David Shulkin’s time in the barrel is finally over and the man who brought you Girther-Gate is in. You may recall Dr. Jackson’s first fateful turn at Trump’s White House podium last year: Here’s a few reminders on the load of crap that flew out of his mouth about Trump’s primo physique:

Unfortunately, declaring the VA to be in “excellent health” isn’t going to do near as much for veterans as it apparently did for Trump. And Dr. Jackson has little-to-no applicable experience.

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  1. “Dr.” Ronny Jackson is no sap! He’s been in the service long enough to know how to achieve rank, and where his bread is buttered. He could see the handwriting on the wall if he gave tRump anything less than an excellent health report. A poor report card would mean spending the remainder of his short Navy career in the galley pealing potatoes along with attendant reduction in pay and retirement benefits. He is also cagey enough to know that even Melania is not entitled to the actual medical information without tRump’s express written authorization. Surprise, now he’s head of the VA. No visible downside to telling a few “white lies” here!


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