This has been a week beyond all weeks.

First we had the incredible March For Life protest against gun violence in Washington DC and 800 other cities around the world.  And of course in response we have multiple right wingers lose their damn minds and attack these brave kids, claiming that instead of lobbying for people to not get shot they’ should “Learn CPR” or that they’re a bunch of “Traitors Playing Hooky over the blood of their classmates.”

Because — uh — not classy.

Second we had finally had a White House reaction to Russian aggression, but only after every other nation did it first in a massive case of “Mother May I” while at the same time Trump seems to be dropping lawyers like a car with a broken crankcase and since he’s moving closer and closer to a face-to-face interview, or probably a grand jury subpoena, with Mueller and his team not being properly prepped and prepared could end up being a really huge problem for him since he’s really down to just one sole lawyer now -— Jay Sekulow — and that guy is better known as a radio show host.

“Sekulow has no experience handling federal criminal investigations,” he writes. “Asking him to quarterback the defense to this important investigation would be like asking a neurologist to be your heart surgeon.”

Even the big switch of H.R. McMaster for John Bolton for National Security Advisor has been overshadowed. Where as McMaster took Russia as a serious threat and was probably the source of the “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” notice on the PDB that Trump ignored, we have by contrast Bolton who helped shill for a Russian gun proliferation group “Right to Bear Arms” which may have funneled $Millions into the NRA illegally during the 2016 election cycle, which is fairly “collusiony” [And also the NRA just admitted to doing by transferring funds from foreign money they receiving into accounts used for the election. $30 Million of which was spent in support of Trump.]

That’s on top of his wanting to Nuke North Korean and do a first Strike on Iran Nuclear sites, even though they’ve been shutting those sites down and allowing inspections in accordance with the International Deal that was brokered by President Obama.

Allow that to simmer on a low fire, as GOP members of the House Unintelligence Committee released their “Findings” in the Russia Probe, which is to say — they magically managed to not really find a damn thing.

And then for the appetizer there’s the Stormy Daniels situation which is probably not really a political or legal problem for Trump, yet, but it could get Michael Cohen prosecuted just like John Edwards was when he solicited a campaign contributor to help pay expenses for his baby-mama Rielle Hunter.

”“By all accounts, a $130,000 hush money payment on the eve of the presidential election in 2016 could constitute an in-kind contribution made to influence the outcome of that election,” the MSNBC legal analyst continued. “And if so, then Michael Cohen is going to be looking at felony charges for having done that.”

But what’s even worse than all that and a brilliant main course is that it appears that for months now the White House itself has been investigating jared Kushner for all his attempts to use his government position to funnel hundreds of $Millions into his families real estate company.

Ho boy.

White House lawyers are probing whether two loans made to Jared Kushner’s family business violated criminal law or ethics regulations, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The loans from Citigroup and Apollo Global Management—which totaled over $500 million—were made to the Kushner’s private real estate company Kushner Cos., shortly after Kushner, a top White House aide and Donald Trump’s son-in-law, met with executives of those companies at the White House.

Repeat, that’s not Mueller investigating these issues — although all indications are that he is — it’s the White House doing it, and the truth is that Kushner had his Security Clearance demoted from Top Secret to just Secret because the call was coming from inside the White House.

“Mr. Kushner’s legal exposure in the Russia scandal started off deep, but they have been getting deeper ever since,” the host noted.

Maddow then listed, in detail, the timeline of revelations over Kushner’s legal jeopardy and financial entanglements.

“So to keep his Kremlin communication secret, he was offering that he would go to the Russian embassy to make his calls to the Kremlin,” Maddow reminded. “And yeah, Abbe Lovell is good, but that’s nuts! That’s nuts!”

“With Mr. Kushner, at least, it seems clear his lawyers are very much earning their pay,” Maddow concluded.

If you look at all these events in total it’s pretty clear that the flat-spin death spiral that the Trump Administration has been in since it’s earliest days is only getting faster and more violent, flinging off WH advisors, lawyers and soon the engine and tail section any moment now.

The biggest bonehead move yet of reaching out to Joe diGenova, the Fox News conspiracy nut bomb thrower, to pull into his legal team without first consulting with his current legal team is likely what sent Dowd stomping out the door.  And that’s hard to fix since Trump was already known as a bad client since he has a tendency not to pay his attorneys.

President Trump can’t find a top law firm that wants to represent him. He and his top aides have tried. They’ve looked around. They’ve had conference calls. But they got zip, nada, bupkis. The top litigators and their firms have various reasons why they won’t agree to represent the president of the United States. Here are some of them:

  1. They won’t get paid.
  2. Their client wouldn’t follow their advice.
  3. They represent clients who have been or might be subpoenaed in money laundering aspects of the case.
  4. It would destroy the image and reputation of their firm.
  5. It would ‘kill’ efforts to recruit top lawyers to their firm.
  6. They’ll be washing their hair that year (“I’m too busy to represent the POTUS.”)
  7. He can’t be saved.

To me, that’s a damning list. Under ordinary circumstances, I can’t think of anything more prestigious for a law firm than to be able to say that when the shit hits the fan, they’re the ones who take the call from the president. But, with this president, they’re not even confident that the client won’t stiff them on their bill. They’re also savvy enough to realize that the Trump Organization is up to its ears in money laundering and that this will create a conflict with the large banking institutions they represent. And Trump is so toxic, guilty, and unsympathetic that simply advocating on his behalf would cause people to shun and disdain their whole organization. Plus, they’d lose the case anyway in part because their advice wouldn’t be followed.

Yeah, ok, gotta take a breath after that one.

Just remember he didn’t even pay Michael Cohen back for what he gave Stormy Daniels.

President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen reportedly complained to friends that he had yet to be reimbursed for the $130,000 payment he made to adult film star Stormy Daniels less than two weeks before the election.

Michael is a friend of his, so he’s definitely not going to pay the rest of these guys.

He’s screwed, and he largely did it to himself.

This is Update #44 in the Trump Russia Timeline.  Daily details are as follows:


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  1. Too bad students did not prefer straight arm salutes to the far right. Sadly, they have to suffer the stings of rejection from the same idiots who want to OWN this country, instead of running it.

    But in the long run, the ‘kids’ will win. Did the fools consider these are the present and future voters? And we are talking near future, like 2019 and beyond. Of course they did, but too late, and that is why they are so bitter. Their claims of losing the 2nd Amendment is starting to fall on deaf ears. But then all the threats do not help their cause, on the contrary it makes them stand out like the ship of fools they are. Sad for them, when the ship sinks they still will not have the grace or goodwill to save each other.
    NRA transferring money from their foreign investments? Oh, European gun manufacturers most likely. What a bunch of ‘True Americans’ they are!


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