Matt Johnson / Flickr Donald Trump...
Matt Johnson / Flickr

Trump posted these two tweets over the weekend, insisting the line of lawyers wanting to represent him was snaking around the corner. (Actually, two more rejected his advances today…).

Did you notice something odd about these tweets when you first read them? (Other than the usual that is). A lawyer being able to bill more is unfair- to the country? Because- why?

Laurence Tribe noticed it too:

The tweet is still up — quick, take a screen shot

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  1. tRump has always viewed the Oval Office as his personal profit center. It would be naive to believe that Team tRump has not engineered a mechanism to fleece taxpayers and donors.

  2. Not sure what you are getting at I for one noticed he expects the tax payers to pay for his transgressions. For an arrogant man I think that normal. For drumpf it is part of the package. And we all know there is Collusion.

  3. What did we ever expect from this man. I just read also, he now wants our military to pay for his wall. We have never had a president that even once in office the only concern is pleasing the people who voted for him. His behavior is so blatant Impeach Please.


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