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On Saturday, a Twitter user going by the name“Sukie,” with the handle @FroggyBottomPnd, posted a photo of a young woman standing alongside Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R).

As Cruz likely didn’t know, the unidentified young woman had opened her jacket just before the photo was taken, revealing a small sign on a lanyard reading, “Texas deserves better than Cruz!”

My friend sent me the Tweet of the original picture being Tweeted:

I feel very good about our chances of unseating Cruz but Beto will need a high voter turnout to help make that happen:

Experts said connecting with voters in counties along the U.S.-Mexico border, driving higher turnout among Democrats and appealing to moderate GOP voters are among the biggest challenges facing O’Rourke in the coming months.

James Aldrete, a Democratic political consultant in Austin, said he’s not concerned that O’Rourke did not get a larger share of primary voters. O’Rourke won his three-person primary race with 61 percent of the vote.

In 2014, Wendy Davis, a candidate for governor, won 78 percent of the vote in her two-person Democratic primary. Davis secured less votes than Ray Madrigal in 20 border counties during the primary election, but carried them in the general election against her Republican opponent Greg Abbott, who was the state’s attorney general. Abbott eventually won with 59 percent of the vote.

Aldrete said he expects that Democratic voters, including those who chose a different candidate in the primary, will get behind O’Rourke in the general election.

That means the more pressing concern is whether O’Rourke will be able to reach enough new voters during his campaign to surpass Republican turnout. To do that, Aldrete said, O’Rourke will have to place a greater focus on the state’s major cities and the growing suburbs that make up a bulk of the state’s population.

Beto knows he has to turn out voters and has been active in seeking them. He recently marched with students in the March for Our Lives rally:

The march was led by a handful of orange-shirted El Dorado students, including Arlet Copado, 17, who used a megaphone to lead the marchers in a string of chants:

“The NRA has got to go, hey, hey, ho, ho,” she yelled along with the many of the marchers, to “Bust out what?,” she asked. “Bullets,” the marchers responded.

But the one hour, 15 minute rally and march began with the feel of a campaign rally for El Paso Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who is trying to unseat U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz in November’s general election.

Chants of “Beto, Beto,” broke out in part of the Cleveland Square crowd, including from people wearing gray, “Beto for Senate” T-shirts as O’Rourke began a speech that went more than 10 minutes.

That came after more than a seven-minute speech from Texas State Sen. Jose Rodriguez, D-El Paso, who talked about the need to end gun violence, and pass stricter gun-control laws, before introducing O’Rourke.

O’Rourke, with his wife and their three young children by his side, spent much of his speech talking about the problems of gun violence.

“Let’s keep the weapons of war on the battlefield and off the streets. And for that reason, because you have asked me to, I am an original co-sponsor of the assault weapons ban” legislation pending in Congress, O’Rourke said to cheers.

But he also noted the importance of young people in the nation’s political history.

“When I look back at any of the important changes this country has made, the toughest changes that this country has made. They’ve always been led by the very youngest among us,” O’Rourke told the crowd. The civil rights demonstrations in the 1960s were one of those times, he said.

“So, if we follow the student leaders here in El Paso, throughout Texas, and those from Parkland Fla., who have gone past Tallahassee and are now descending on our nation’s Capital in Washington, D.C., I am confident their leadership is going to produce the results, save the lives, and make us proud,” O’Rourke said.

Let’s help O’Rourke get those voters out in droves. Click here to donate and get involved with Beto’s campaign.

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  1. His tenure in congress must be fruitful for him, as he is getting FAT! Maybe he eats his meals with Donnie John.


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