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Things that everyone wants to know:

  • if you aided a foreign company in scamming millions of Americans into unknowingly giving up their digital profiles to a company that just happens to have direct ties to a hostile adversary,
  • if you allowed your PAC to promote said foreign company to others, thereby basically serving as an unregistered foreign agent for that hostile foreign adversary,
  • if you also just happened to star in your very own video for a different, very powerful front group that laundered big bucks, also for said hostile adversary,
  • and, if due to all of the above (and likely sooooo much more), you’re on a short list to spending some serious quality time with everyone’s favorite special counsel,

can you actually pass a US security clearance? Are we about to see another National Security Adviser who is … a very present threat to our national security?

It’s an ironic question, and we all want to know the answer.

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  1. Looks like Bolton made money from a foreign power/entity, hope he checks off ‘foreign person’ on his application. If so he may qualify for a ‘confidential clearance. Qualifies him to clean table tops after all classified data is removed. I know this shit. Former ISSO,TS-ssbi.


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