Republicans say there’s “no point in voting this November” after Trump signs.

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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Yesterday was definitely not good news for Donald Trump.

For whatever perverse reason, I look in on Himself’s Twitter feed a few times a day. It offers a fascinating view into the MAGA hive mind.

Yesterday, I found myself genuinely surprised.

When Himself tweeted

his minions erupted in a thousand-voiced chorus of #veto responses. “Money for Planned Parenthood, no wall. #VetoTheOmnibus.” “Dems and RINOs voted. Didn’t even read. #VETO”

Himself decided otherwise.

After his “news conference,” I figured the chorus would promptly change to “He did the right thing,” “We’re with you, sir,” etc.

But, when I went back later, heavens to MAGAtroids, a good chunk of his base was pissed. Really pissed. Some quotes:

“I had faith in you. No more.” “The swamp wins.” “You sold us out. Where’s the wall?” “No point in voting this November.”

Now, it can be assumed that many of these replies were Dem trolls, tweaking Trumper noses, but not all of them. Many, including some of the most bitter, were accounts I recognized as real, live, non-bot Trumpees.

Without even a peep from Mueller’s sleuths, this may prove to be a very unfortunate week for the president. The appointment of Bolton was the last straw for the give-him-a-chance Establishment ‘Pubs and the country club set are none too happy with their stock portfolios.

His signing of the omnibus bill appears to have caused genuine shock among the true MAGA believers. If Ms. Clifford’s interview on Sunday yields less-than-manly details about his performance or preferences, prepare for a similar reaction among the mucho macho crowd.

Too early to know for certain, but I’m eager to see next week’s polls.

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That’s the problem with Fanaticism. Sooner or later EVERYONE fails the Purity Test.


Every cult leader has an expiration date.

Lisa R Novak
Lisa R Novak

Either impeach trump or there will be no voting from me and my husband. I have already told Tim ryan our congressman.