Donald Trump reacts to March For Our Lives … oh, wait, no he doesn’t

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Joseph Brent / Flickr

Today, across the United States, hundreds of thousands—millions?—of Americans are attending March For Our Lives rallies, taking a stand against gun violence in our country. The March For Our Lives was inspired by the latest mass shooting that left 17 dead in a Florida high school, which, sadly, was just a fraction of the more than 30,000 gun-related deaths in the United States each year. So, what’s on Donald Trump’s mind on this solemn day? What else? Thoughts and prayers … for France:

Apparently this was all the orange buffoon could manage as he limbered up—no doubt with two scoops of ice cream—for his latest round of golf at Mar-A-Lago. Trump’s masters at the NRA will be very pleased.

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