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A High Court judge has granted a search warrant to the UK’s Information Commissioner to enable her to search Cambridge Analytica’s London offices.  A number of investigators have moved in together with a lot of crates to carry away evidence (or even the computer equipment?)

Eighteen enforcement officers working for the UK’s information commissioner are searching the London headquarters of Cambridge Analytica.

The High Court granted the data watchdog a warrant amid claims the firm amassed information about millions of people without their consent, based on a 2014 personality quiz on Facebook.

It is part of a wider investigation into political campaigning.

In a separate development, Brittany Kaiser, Cambridge Analytica’s former business development director, has told the Guardian the firm carried out data analysis for Leave.EU, the rival Brexit campaign to Vote Leave that was fronted by Nigel Farage.

Earlier the London Evening Standard broke more news of what might be the first non-hearsay evidence of a connection between Cambridge Analytica and the Brexit campaign.

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