Mueller Now Investigating Links Between Cambridge Analytica & Trump Campaign

Guardian News / YouTube Cambridge Analytica chief denies working with...
Guardian News / YouTube

From The Hill:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is reportedly studying the relationship between the Trump campaign and Cambridge Analytica, the global data firm that has been embroiled in controversy in recent days over its use of personal Facebook information.

ABC News reported Wednesday that digital experts who worked to support President Trump’s White House bid have met with Mueller’s team of investigators. Those staffers worked closely with Cambridge Analytica, which the campaign used during the 2016 election.

The Trump campaign declined to comment to ABC News.…

And not a moment too soon! The CEO of Cambridge Analytica (CA), Alexander Nix, was just suspended after being caught on video confessing to every dirty trick in the book.

It sounds like Mueller is talking to the right people — the digital experts at CA, not the smug, cocky executives.

Please hurry, Mr. Mueller — it is a near certainty that Trump and his henchmen are trying to fire you as we speak.

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