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Republican Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) has been on shaky ground of late. Her approval ratings are abysmal, she has been polling poorly and is most recently known for her unabashed support of repealing the Affordable Care Act—not popular amongst anyone not named “Insurance Company.” On top of it all, McSally announced a few weeks back that she would be running for the Republican primary Senate race. Feeling the pressure of disgraced Joe Arpaio, and taking a page out of our current Republican president’s sorry handbook, Rep. McSally was busted on Sunday for trying to pretend she was someone else while posting fake self-serving comments on her Facebook account. Shareblue has the story:

Goal Thermometer

On Sunday, Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) did a direct-to-camera Facebook Live webcast, and the video was such a hit that the very first comment was “Great video quality! Thank you for your service!”

But as the congresswoman’s sharp-eyed Facebook viewers noticed, the compliment came from none other than “Rep. Martha McSally.”

“(A)re you talking to yourself, or what(?)” asked one.

“Maybe don’t forget to switch to your fake account next time,” wrote another.

It took 24-hours from this tweet before Rep. McSally’s digital squad fixed their mistake.

Rep. McSally was busted this time, but considering the right wing in our country’s reliance on Russian bots and scam artists, we have to wonder what percentage of authentic positive comments are actually being posted to the social media accounts of these right-wing elected officials.

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