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The LGBTQ resistance rolled out the rainbow carpet for Mike Pence over the weekend. Pence walked in the Savannah, Georgia St. Patrick’s Day parade and he was roundly jeered along the way. Bless his heart. Here’s a roundup of his failed parade photo op.

At every single turn, the resistance tailed Pence with rainbow flags, messages of equality and protest signs. From the Washington Post:

Savannah Kite brought a sign reading “Black Lives Matter, Protect Dreamers” and wore a T-shirt with the words “Gay, Irish and Proud.” She and other demonstrators chanted “This is what Savannah looks like” a few feet from where Pence shook a final round of hands before being whisked away by his motorcade.

“I’m a married lesbian, I’m 30 years old, and I’d like to adopt children,” Kite said. “I think his policies have hurt queer people, and that bothers me.”

Protesters and others had ample room to maneuver because crowds in the 12 square blocks secured for Pence were notably lean in spots. People stood four deep behind barricades on one side of the street, while big gaps between spectators could be seen directly across the street.

Hats off to the protesters who dogged Pence all along the route!

For what it’s worth, Mike Pence and family are launching a children’s book about a family pet rabbit named Marlon Bundo. Last night John Oliver announced his charitable plan to one-up the Pence rabbit.


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