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Let me post a wild hypothesis:  that Mueller already has a number of indictments either done and sealed or that can be issued on a moment’s notice, even if he is fired — and remember, neither Trump nor Sessions can fire him, and if Trump fires Rosenstein, Mueller can quickly issue a ton of indictments that he has ready to go.  Even if Mueller is fired, that by itself does not mean the investigation is shut down and other attorneys on that investigation could file indictments —  if they had already been approved by Rosenstein.

Further, do we know if Mueller’s team is sharing info with Schneiderman in NY, who could join in with a batch of NY State indictments that Trump could not get rid of by pardons?

I am totally spitballing here —  I think Trump is panicked, with Sessions having fired McCabe he is somewhat emboldened, and there is has been very little pushback on the Hill from Republicans —  Gowdy and Graham still vote with Trump on almost everything.

But all it would take to stop Trump in his tracks is to have two Republicans go on the record that if Trump fires Rosenstein and/or tries to get Mueller fired, they will vote with Democrats and block EVERYTHING Trump wants —  from Judicial appointments, to cabinet appointments, to legislation.   I am looking at you Jeff Flake and John McCain and Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.  Two of you should either together go tell the President and/or publicly commit.

It should be phrased a la Trey Gowdy’s comments —  if Mr. Trump and his campaign and his associates have done nothing wrong, they have no reason to want to end the Mueller investigation.  The attempt to stop that investigation is not only consciousness of guilt, it is in these circumstances almost a direct admission of guilt.

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