Channel 4 News / YouTube Cambridge Analytica Uncovered Secret filming reveals...
Channel 4 News / YouTube

From Vice:

Secret video of Cambridge Analytica’s top executives reveals how the firm covertly, and unethically, influences elections around the world.

An undercover video report on Cambridge Analytica, the data analytics company hired by Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign, was posted by Britain’s Channel 4 News today.

The short documentary catches Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix admitting to manipulating elections around the world through potentially illegal, and inarguably duplicitous, means. His firm was recently discovered by the New York Times and The Guardian to have secretly harvested the information of 50 million Facebook users, and exploiting it to target American voters with political ads.

This damning exposé apparently just aired on Channel 4 in the UK. The juicy bits appear to come toward the end of the 19-minute segment:

Cambridge Analytica CEO Nix can be overheard talking about how he can have political rivals set up to meet attractive women who will lure them into sordid sex stings.

Ugh. The pieces of this ugly, disgraceful, treasonous puzzle are all starting to come together.

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