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8pm on a Saturday and he’s trying to insist on increasingly delusional claims. Not enough scoops of ice cream and/or chocolate cake, and not even golf this weekend for trip #101. He has to be sugar binging because unhingery seems rampant in the WH.

There’s been sufficient testimony on the Steele dossier to see that it has yet to be debunked, despite numerous lawfare attempts by even Russians to claim defamation..

The revelations of the dossier indicate that it was never the impetus to look at #TrumpRussia matters that the IC had been looking at for months prior to its appearance at the FBI, much like the involvement of Carter Page as a FISA target was a matter prior to the campaigns themselves.

Listening to the actual Congressional testimony of Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson should tell 45* how credible the dossier is as an intelligence product, even if “the golden shower tape” has a kind of credibility similar to his knowledge of the US/Canada trade surplus.

And speaking of leaking, we might know more about that soon from Stormy Daniels.

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  1. It’s “crazy” how much of the signs of gaslighting can be applied to Trump. Can we go back to the mental fitness issue? Please??!!


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