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Howard Dean tweets:

Dr. Dean (M.D.) of course is the former Governor of Vermont, past chair of the Democratic National Committee (The man with the 50-state Strategy) and Presidential Candidate. Most consider him one of the true heroes of the Progressive/Liberal/Human side of American society at large and in national Democratic politics in particular.

“Brennan” is John Brennan, retired director of the CIA (from March of ‘13 to Nov. ‘17, so basically Obama ‘s second term). Brennan in the last few days said, in public and in front of microphones that he thinks Trump “is a threat to national security” (which should make any American patriot worthy of the name take a stiff drink; the late chief of the CIA thinks the current President is a national security threat? And is saying this in public? Whew! Better make that a double.

Brennan also knows how to use the Twitter machine and impressed Dr. Dean when he tweeted out this morning that Trump will be a “disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history.” Nice alliteration there John, with a fine use of historical overtones. Forget the double, just leave the bottle.

“What the Mercers did” is referring to several stories that have been posted by the New York Times and the UK’s Guardian newspapers exposing in detail the fascistic sabotage (not their words; I get to say a few things here too) of Cambridge Analytica. That was the data crunching firm that was:           A) funded by Robert and Rebecca Mercer, B) headed up by Steve Bannon, and C) whose main data crunching bastard was Brad Parscale (lately named head of the Trump 2020 re-election “campaign/fleecing/scam.”)

The two newspapers, apparently with slightly different sourcing, reveal the links between CA, what and how they used Facebook (and why THEY are suddenly running scared and have just booted CA off the platform; talk about closing the cyber-barn door after the stampede ran through 157 years ago—way to get right on that, Zuckerberg!). Lukoil is involved, a Russian oil firm on the sanctions list who, gee, suddenly was willing to pay a few million bucks for….wait for it…. election demographic information for the 4th ward, precinct 11 in Akron, OH! “shrugs” I don’t know the oil business at all, so I guess they saw a marketing or drilling opportunity there, huh?)

But if Howard Dean has the sense this is all adding up to treason….the Big T….the ONLY crime defined by the Constitution…..that a nationally prominent politician is willing to say that and stand behind it? Well, a year from now, looking back, it just might be one of those moments when people say, “That’s when it started, the big shift…..”

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  1. Why is it that all the intelligent people in America are saying treason, while the others…Let’s say lacking this aforementioned intelligence…are saying, “Witch hunt”?


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