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While we have not yet seen the Inspector General report that allegedly recommended McCabe’s firing, some supposed details have been presented.

At least one of the findings reported so far is nonsensical at best. The IG report is quoted as saying that McCabe made improper disclosures to the media, but Deputy Director is one of three positions in the agency authorized to disclose information to the media.

Some of the other accusations described seem profoundly fluffed up:

Supposed violations of the Hatch Act for being photographed wearing his wife’s campaign paraphernalia. If he was campaigning for her on his own time, there’s obviously no violation.

But, setting all that aside, let us take as a temporary premise that all of the items described in this report are both accurately reported and factually correct in and of themselves.

None of that explains:

  • why this activity was released (without the supposedly supporting report) at 10pm local time on a Friday just in time to damage McCabe’s pension,
  • nor why Jefferson Sessions took this action himself when his previous recusal should prevent him from touching anyone or anything connected to the Mueller investigation,
  • nor why a more normal review process was not followed.

We are left to conclude that the reason for the remarkable haste and Sessions’ direct involvement is to retaliate against a witness in the ongoing investigation and to intimidate that witness from further cooperation.

For those keeping score at home, this would also be an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.

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