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There are signs that big stuff is about to happen in the Mueller probe. Not only is Der Drumpfenfuhrer firing people left and right, but he has also taken to Twitter today to try and lie his way out of legal jeopardy:

To which the great ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) responded:

It reads:

Mr. President, the Committee reached no such conclusion — only Republicans. In fact, we did find evidence of collusion, despite GOP members being more interested in protecting you than learning the truth. When accusing others of lying, best not to misrepresent facts yourself.

Schiff went to Harvard Law School and is a former U.S. assistant attorney and prosecutor. When someone with that kind of expertise makes such an unambiguous statement of finding, it is noteworthy, to say the least.

One can only hope that everything Schiff knows, as well as everything Mueller knows, will soon be revealed to the public.

“We did find evidence of collusion.”

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  1. We need more members of Congress calling out the President on his numerous lies and fact twisting. Deceitful POS POTUS is going down!

  2. I am so glad someone finally said it. Now we need someone to say that the Steel Dossier is fully verified and that the whole Trump hijacking our democracy with Putin is treason. Some are calling this universal scam treason, but I want every Democrat and reporters to say it too. The ‘ mistrust’ of Hillary was propogated by every Republican lawmaker and the press. Let’s call this traitor administration out so that people are more incensed about what is occurring.


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