Donald Trump made big campaign promises about keeping Carrier from closing an Indianapolis plant and sending the jobs to Mexico. He made those promises to the country—promises to workers everywhere about what they could expect from his leadership. But most of all he made them to the workers who believed he would save their jobs. Hear from them, in their own words, as they look back on Trump’s promises and look forward, trying to figure out what to do with their jobs gone.

Renee Elliott: “That’s right, I did, I voted for Trump. I drove in the pouring rain to vote for Trump. I believed him when he came to Indianapolis and said ‘We’re not going to let Carrier leave.’”

Duane Oreskovic: “I thought, Mike Pence being from Indiana, he would have our back. Well, apparently that didn’t happen. I was wrong, we were all wrong.”

Frank Staples: “When they made the announcement that they were closing Carrier, people started realizing that Trump just lied his ass off about what he was actually doing. You know, it was PR, it was a photo op for him to say ‘hey, look what I did,’ and he really didn’t do shit. […]

“You can go get a job at McDonald’s, but how are you going to feed a family of four?”

Good Jobs Nation is, like the Congressional Progressive Caucus, calling on Trump to sign an executive order banning companies that offshore jobs from getting federal contracts.

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