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After hearing that the Republican running for the Statehouse from Maine’s 57th district, Leslie Gibson, had mouthed off and called him a “bald Faced liar” and his Stoneman Douglas compatriot a “skinhead lesbian”, David Hogg leapt into action, issuing this tweet:

One Maine Democrat, Eryn Gilchrist answered the call…


“Gibson, a lifetime NRA member, took to Twitter recently, insulting two of the survivors of the Parkland school shooting. About Emma González, who is openly bisexual, he wrote, “there is nothing about this skinhead lesbian that impresses me and there is nothing that she has to say unless you’re a frothing at the mouth moonbat.” He also called David Hogg, another survivor of the shooting, a “bald-faced liar.”

Eryn wasn’t about to let that stand:

“Gilchrist told The Sun-Journal that she had never intended to run for office, but she was so “horrified and embarrassed” by the prospect of Gibson representing her that she decided to enter the race. “I would really have been happy to partake in representative democracy by voting,” she said.

If historical precedent is any indication, Gilchrist might have a chance in beating Gibson. Last November, Republican incumbent Atlantic City (N.J.) freeholder John Carman was defeated by first-time candidate Ashley Bennett, who chose to enter the race after Carman posted a meme mocking the Women’s March that January.”

Here’s hoping the good folks of Maine step up to support Eryn Gilchrist as they did Ashley Bennett.

There’s enough ugliness in politics today as it is. They don’t need a Leslie Gibson using a public platform to spout his garbage.

Go Eryn!

H/T to ladygreenslippers:

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