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Yesterday it was widely reported that Vanessa Trump had filed for divorce from Donald Trump Jr. in New York. Now gossip site Page Six has reported that Vanessa made a curious legal hire to represent her:

Vanessa Trump hired a criminal defense attorney to represent her in her divorce from Donald Trump Jr. just as special counsel Robert Mueller subpoenaed the president’s family business, The Post has learned.

White Plains, NY-based lawyer David Feureisen is representing Vanessa Trump, according to paperwork filed in Manhattan Supreme Court late Thursday.

Feureisen is best known for securing the release of a New York man named Anthony DiSimone from federal prison in 2007 after a judge overturned a murder conviction related to a bar fight in 1994.

The former couple say the divorce will be uncontested, which makes this hire even more curious. Only days ago, Page Six reported the pair were living separate lives and she was fed up with his obnoxious social media:

An issue, two of the sources say, is that Don Jr. “appears to have changed recently, and friends are concerned about him.” Their concerns were increased by Don Jr.’s tweeting, including when he liked a tweet linking antidepressants to mass murder, and another liking a tweet attacking a teen survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. The Daily Beast also reported that following the school shooting, Don Jr. urged his dad to stay strong on gun rights and hold firm against any assault weapons ban.

Previously at Halloween, Don tweeted that he would take away half of his 3-year-old daughter’s Halloween candy because he wrote, “it’s never to [sic] early to teach her about socialism.” Then after his recent trip to India, he was heavily criticized for his tone-deaf remark praising the country’s poor because “There’s still a smile on a face.”

Between the stress of the divorce and special counsel Robert Mueller’s recent subpoena of the Trump Organization, it’s hard to see Junior mellowing out.

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  1. Once this Mrs Trump becomes another ex Mrs Trump, will she be of interest to the Special Counsel, and would she be in a position to give evidence against her (soon to be) ex husband?


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