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Donald Trump did not get a whole lot of company from elected and hoping-to-be-elected California Republicans on his big border wall visit to Southern California. In a state where Trump is wildly unpopular, the only Republican members of Congress who were willing to be seen with him were Rep. Darrell Issa, who is retiring, and Rep. Duncan Hunter.

The Times asked more than a dozen Southern California GOP candidates if they would attend events with Trump. Most of them either did not respond or said they had no plans to join the president.

“I can 100% assure you that he will not be at any Trump events this week, fundraisers or otherwise,” said Brooke Borcherding, a campaign spokeswoman for Assemblyman Rocky Chavez, a moderate Republican running for Rep. Darrell Issa’s open seat in Congress. Borcherding said his absence is both a deliberate choice and an indication of Chavez’s demanding schedule “being out in the community, talking to voters.” […]

“I’m telling them to stay away,” another Republican consultant based in Southern California said of his clients. He requested anonymity to avoid offending the commander in chief. “We’re not going to dis the president, but we’re not going to do a photo op with him, either.”

Trump could be a real liability for Republicans in California’s red congressional districts—and winning those districts would do a lot to help Democrats win the House. But you have to wonder how the Ego-in-Chief is responding to having been treated like a social disease by members of his own party.


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