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Steve Mnuchin must think the U.S. government is printing money for his use! The Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) obtained Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s travel records via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and they show an incredible misuse of taxpayer funds. From CREW: 

“From the documents we obtained, it appears Secretary Mnuchin considers first and foremost his own comfort and ease, leaving the protection of taxpayer money at the bottom of his list of priorities,” CREW Chief FOIA Counsel Anne Weismann said.

The documents CREW obtained show that between the spring and fall of 2017, Mnuchin took seven separate trips on military aircraft at a total of nearly $1 million. None of the requests for White House Mission delegation — needed to use the government aircraft — explicitly state or otherwise suggest how they are at the explicit direction of the president.

“The public still has no reasonable explanation for why Secretary Mnuchin apparently has never used commercial aircraft while his predecessors did, or why he needs military aircraft that can accommodate 120 passengers when his travel manifests contain far fewer names,” Weismann said.

Crew noted Mnuchin didn’t even appear to consider flying commercial to his destinations. These Mnuchin travel records add to a growing list of increasingly outrageous expenses from Donald Trump’s cabinet members. From HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s $31,000 office dining set to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s $130,000 door, these fraudulent fiscal conservatives are spending our hard-earned tax dollars at an unbelievable pace. That is, when they aren’t handing out piles of tax cuts to their wealthy benefactors. Seems like being fiscally responsible is only for the little people.

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