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Joe Biden When He Saw The Intelligence: “If this is true, It’s treason.”

Joe Biden When He Saw The Intelligence:  “If this is true, It’s treason.”
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Joe Biden is not one to mince words.  Like most people, he’s not concerned with the “legal” definition, but expresses what most Americans that hear the word treason, believe is the meaning of the word.

Mother Jones has more excerpts from the book Russian Roulette by Michael Isikoff and  David Corn.  They have some pretty good stuff from inside the oval office when, after the election, Obama and Biden were informed about the true extent of Trump’s “treason”.

The president was incredulous. He added, “What’s happening?” One participant in the meeting later said, “You don’t really expect to hear the term ‘golden showers’ in the President’s Daily Brief or that the guy who is going to become president may be a Manchurian candidate.”

 Biden: “It’s treason.” In the last weeks of the Obama presidency, Vice President Joe Biden was briefed on intelligence reports on the connections between assorted Trump associates and Russians. He had a visceral reaction. “If this is true,” he exclaimed. “It’s treason.”

If it’s good enough for a remarkable Vice President of the United States to use the word “treason” to describe this Russian/Republican attack on our democracy, I think it’s good enough for me.  Mueller is taking care of the legal fight that we desperately need, and the rest of us need to take the political fight to the rest of the country.  The uninformed public will be moved far more by the word “treason” than the word “conspiracy”.  We need to get people to wake up to the existential threat our country faces from a hostile nation and the Republicans helping an attack on our democracy.  If Biden says it’s treason, I’m not going to argue with him.


  1. How much disfunction do we need to see from this WHITEHOUSE before we remember we have the recourse called IMPEACHMENT?

    • Unfortunately, as long as the Rebpublicans hold power in the Senate and House, they “run the show” and can manage anything in any direction they wish!
      THAT is why we must NEVER, from this point on, EVER vote for another Repug for any office for any reason anywhere! And we can do that in the primaries as the Republicans just lost PA-18 to the Dems, and as we vote for the Dems in the Nov 6 2018 Midterm elections where the entire House is up for election, along with a slew of Republicans looking for elections to the Senate! WE the people CAN and WILL take back BOTH the House and the Senate as of Nov 7 2018, and WE the people SHALL decimate the GOP until it becomes nothing more than a fading memory as another party takes its place in the political games. WE.WILL.TAKE.BACK.OUR.COUNTRY.FROM.THE.GOP!


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