Character is something you have when no one is watching.   After a trip with granddaughter to probably see Peter Rabbit ( just guessing on the movie)..Look at what a bystander snapped.   Amazing !   While 45 was cursing and degrading the media and other good people, this is what Joe Biden was doing.

Don’t know what he gave him or wrote but Biden has my ultimate respect and admiration for many things and this just upped that admiration.

THIS is a man.  THIS is compassionTHIS is what America is supposed to look like in respect to compassion and leadership.

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  1. This is the character of most democrats. That is why this is the party that helps all Americans. Unlike republicans, who only help the ‘job creators’, fetuses(feti?),and bible thumpers. You always see every republican administration rolls back law to help people, deregulates, and cuts taxes to help the rich. Not surprising that they were so clueless on how to write policy when trump arrived. They just undo it, not make it. Now they just let their lobbyists write the policies.


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