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Hillary Clinton was the guest speaker at an India Today event in Mumbai over the weekend and she was asked about Putin’s interference in the U.S. election and whether she believed Putin had compromising information on Donald Trump and whether that explained Trump’s refusal to implement sanctions or implement safeguards in future elections. From the Washington Post:

In her speech, Clinton spoke of the dangers of Russian influence and authoritarianism in regimes worldwide. “These are perilous times,” she said.

Later, when asked about the seemingly close relationship between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, now a subject of an special counsel’s investigation, Clinton replied, “Trump does have quite an affinity for dictators. He really likes their authoritarian posturing and behavior.”

“He does have a preexisting attitude of favorability toward these dictators, but I think it’s more than that with Putin and Russia,” she said.

“Do they have something on him?” asked the event’s host, India Today Editor Aroon Purie.

“Well, we’ll find out, we’ll find out,” she answered. “Follow the money.”

Money laundering through Trump real estate properties, the shady deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, offshore banking operations, Russian money being poured into the NRA and funneled to conservatives. It’s all hiding in plain sight. We might have the resources to follow the money, but the special counsel is empowered to do so.

Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton was warmly welcomed in Dubai, where the host introduced her as the “woman who should have been president of the United States of America,” prompting raucous applause.

You can watch her full session here:

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