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Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) was in Selma, Alabama, this week to commemorate the 53rd anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” when civil rights activists marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in a display of registering voters. The nation watched on television as John Lewis and the other demonstrators were viciously beaten by Alabama State Troopers with clubs and tear gas. 

Ten-year-old Tybre Faw drove with his grandmother for seven hours from Tennessee to Alabama with the hopes of meeting his icon. Rep. Lewis spotted the young man as he was leaving the event and stopped to speak with him. Faw’s sign caught Lewis’ eye. It read:

Thank you Rep. John Lewis

You have shown me how to have courage

raw courage

Selma was the turning point

It was a magical moment as the legendary civil rights activist met with a budding activist. WATCH:

With the nonstop flow of negative news from this administration, it’s wonderful to see and appreciate moments like these. It’s hopeful to see young people like Tybre Faw, a potential future civil rights legend in the making.

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