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Today is a slow news day. Not much is going on. Oh, though a President of the United States is contemplating taking a network news program to court to stop them from broadcasting an interview with the porn star he had an affair with while his wife was at home taking care of his infant son.

Lawyers associated with President Donald Trump are considering legal action to stop “60 Minutes” from airing an interview with Stephanie Clifford, the adult film performer and director who goes by Stormy Daniels, BuzzFeed News has learned. […]

It was not immediately clear what legal argument the lawyers would be making to support the considered litigation, and Trump and his legal team often have threatened litigation without following through on those threats in the past.

Not immediately clear is an understatement. It’s nonsense. It’s empty blustering. There’s not a damn thing they can do to stop the airing of the video, unless Stubby Donald intends to order airstrikes on the broadcast equipment; even assuming Donald Trump did indeed pay “hush money” to Daniels in exchange for not giving interviews about Trump’s adultery, the most he can do about it is sue her, not reporters, for breaching it. But Donald Trump seems to have surrounded himself with some of the dumbest lawyers in America, what are the odds, as well as some of the most pathetically belligerent.

This story will only serve to heighten interest in the 60 Minutes interview. An air date doesn’t seem to be set yet, but you can bet that they’ll now be rushing it to air to take advantage of Team Trump’s free advertising. And while the Trump team has succeeded in taking an axe to many of this nation’s prior norms, there is no man on this planet powerful enough to get the American press to ignore a sex scandal. That is their wheelhouse; that is the only reason half of our political press goes to work each morning.

BuzzFeed now reports the interview will air next Sunday.

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