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Because that’s exactly what the likely Russian attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Wiltshire UK was. A chemical attack that not only put those two in critical condition but also sickened 21 other people.

Remember the vicious attacks on Obama because he supposedly let Assad cross a “red chemical line” in Syria. Well, now the same red chemical line was crossed not (only) in Syria, but in our (formerly?) closest ally, the UK.

People in that town are Terrorized, and chemical Hazmat troops are on the scene.

So I wanna know GOP and US media: When are you gonna take this sh*t seriously?  When Manafort and a neighborhood in VA are poisoned.  When Manafort’s daughter and her environs are poisoned? When f*cking Sam Nunberg’s neighborhood is sickened?

Those of you who go bonkers when there’s an attack by a Muslim, do you give a sh*t when a state attacks us?  Will that make you finally desert a “Preisident” who at best ignores it or at worst likes it because it intimidates a witness against him? 

Are you ready to have your town terrorized because you like Gorsuch or seeing ICE separate families or a tax cut you probably are hardly getting.

Forget Stormy or tariffs or even North Korea for the moment.

Why isn’t the UK attack your red line?

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