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National Republicans aren’t just pouring millions of dollars into a special election in a House district Donald Trump won by nearly 20 points: they’re pouring millions of dollars into a special election in a House district that probably won’t exist in a few months. The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin explains why Republicans are so committed to electing state Rep. Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District—or maybe I should say, former Vice President Joe Biden explains:

“If he wins, you’re going to see probably another half a dozen Republicans say they’re not running again,” Mr. Biden told a reporter on a meet-and-greet rope line, adding that Mr. Lamb could also show the way toward that holiest of Democratic grails: “getting back working-class people supporting us again.”

(Psst, Joe, love you, but I think you mean “white working-class people.”)

Biden may be engaging in a little of his trademark hyperbole with that “half a dozen” number, but he’s not making something out of nothing:

Republicans explain their extraordinary spending by acknowledging that something far more substantial is at stake than holding a single seat. […]

“If the Democrats were to prevail in western Pennsylvania, that would be quite an earthquake, let’s face it,” said Representative Charlie Dent, a Republican who represents a district in the eastern part of the state. “If a strong pro-Trump district like this goes the other way, it would send a bad signal around the country in districts far more competitive than this one.”

And to make the point about Republican panic over this race, Democrat Conor Lamb leads in a new poll


Ladies and gentlemen, Rick Saccone:

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