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Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner isn’t the only one working in the White House who has been unable to get the permanent security clearance necessary to work in the White House. From ABC News:

Several White House staffers have been terminated or reassigned for issues related to their security clearances — with at least one individual employed in the Office of the First Lady relieved of duty, sources with direct knowledge tell ABC News.

There is a list of several other individuals with security clearance issues that are under consideration for possible termination or reassignment in the coming days, sources also tell ABC News.

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but these individuals work around the most sensitive intelligence in the world. They have access to top secret and/or classified financial information, as well as issues of national security. If they are unable to gain permanent security clearance more than one year after Trump took office, they are a security risk to this nation.

It’s tempting to joke about the incompetence of Kushner, Trump and the rest of the staff, but with our national security at stake, it is no laughing matter. They are open to blackmail and/or don’t have the character or the background necessary to work in the highest office in the land. Apparently, the Rob Porter situation finally prompted White House chief of staff John Kelly to take action and start clearing house.

ABC News also learned late last week, Kelly wanted a list of remaining White House staffers with security clearance issues presented to him. That list, per a source, followed standard procedures which included such options as considering whether the individual should be relieved of duty or could be reassigned to another administration post.

With reports that White House staffers are demoralized and operating in chaos, it’s hard to see how these staffers get replaced with competent personnel. Who would want to risk their reputation by working in this White House?

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