In just two weeks, a mouthwatering lobster billboard will be replaced with a call for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump. This roadside call to action comes to the Gunshine State courtesy of Mad Dog PAC, and will be placed along the path to Mar-a-Lago, where the pancake with hair that is the United States president spends far too much of his time (58 trips in 410 days, as of this writing). The billboard is scheduled to stay up for almost a month.

The sign will tower above 95 South with a bold statement to Trump and his supporters, less than 2 miles from Mar-A-Lago, saying: “Impeachment now, Make America America Again!”

Mad Dog PAC was founded by Claude Taylor, a photographer who worked as a volunteer coordinator in the Clinton administration, and who is revered and reviled (depending who you ask) for his scoops and theories posted on Twitter. Founded in December 2017, Mad Dog PAC’s previous billboards have targeted GOP politicians and the NRA.

Mad Dog PAC’s website promises that more impeachment billboards are on the way. In fact, they may be bringing their “critical campaign for building public resistance to Trump” to a town near you. The website even offers an interactive map.

Protest billboards are popping up everywhere.

Though billboards have been polluting the American landscape since the 1800s, they’ve been making headlines lately, even beyond this Oscar-winning movie and this display of love.

Less than a week after the Parkland shooting, this handmade effort appeared overnight in Louisville.

There was this clever edit to a Nevada gun store advertisement, on March 3:

In November, billionaire and vocal Trump critic Tom Steyer skipped the graffiti and spent $20 million to light up Times Square with a call to impeach.

The Courage Campaign called for impeachment to Bay Bridge crossers in September:

And in August, a consortium of groups like Free Speech for People and actually got even CLOSER to Mar-a-Lago with their billboard, which was just a mile down the road from the “Winter White House.”

P.S. Here’s the lobster.

Mmmm. Buffet.
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  1. Want to find out what the real people feel? Just look out your window!
    We are sick and tired, of ‘sick and tired’.


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