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According to the BBC and Forbes, white supremacist in chief, leader of the governmental swampification movement, and terrible businessman Donald Trump took a big hit this year in his financial holdings.

US President Donald Trump has fallen 222 places on the Forbes annual Rich List, after his estimated worth of $3.5bn (£2.5bn) fell to $3.1bn.

The magazine said the drop was partially due to a fall in the value of central New York property values and falling revenues at his golf courses.

The top of the list is a guy that is not very good to his workers. The guy after that guy is terrible when it comes to privatizing public education. The third guy on the list might be the closest to a normal human being at this point but is still a billionaire that cannot fully comprehend the level of change we need in our country. The list of billionaires has changes slightly this year, but the results are the same. A small group of people have most of the world’s money and the world isn’t looking like a good place for most people.

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