U.S. intelligence determined Russia successfully hacked electoral systems in seven states

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U.S. Intelligence agencies amassed a body evidence showing that either state websites or voter databases were breached by Russian-backed hackers in seven states in advance of the 2016 election. Intelligence officials, however, reportedly only informed some state election officials of the breach while telling none of them Russia was behind the hacking. NBC writes:

Top-secret intelligence requested by President Barack Obama in his last weeks in office identified seven states where analysts — synthesizing months of work — had reason to believe Russian operatives had compromised state websites or databases.

Three senior intelligence officials told NBC News that the intelligence community believed the states as of January 2017 were Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin. […]

To this day, six of the seven states deny they were breached, based on their own cyber investigations. It’s a discrepancy that underscores how unprepared some experts think America is for the next wave of Russian interference that intelligence officials say is coming.

Earlier this month, Department of Homeland Security officials finally acknowledged that a “small number” of state voter systems had been “successfully” hacked by Russia.

But of the seven identified above, Illinois is the only state that has acknowledged being hacked and state officials there reported the event to DHS immediately.

Man, what a fricking mess. Any reader who wants to make sure your state is addressing vulnerabilities in advance of November, better get on the horn with your state legislators. Nothing like pressure to get a lawmaker to focus.

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