ThinkProgress Obtains Confidential FedEx Document Re Secret Deal to Ship Guns

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ThinkProgress is reporting tonight they have obtained a confidential internal FedEx document from a FedEx employee that describes secret arrangements to seduce gun manufacturers with favorable terms to encourage them to spend their gun money shipping guns via FedEx.

In a stark contrast with FedEx’s recent attempts to distance themselves from the gun lobby, the internal company document obtained by ThinkProgress outlines in great detail precisely how FedEx has secretly agreed to bend its own rules on gun shipments for powerful forces in the gun industry, including all major gun manufacturers and the NRA itself.

The article explains how the postal service won’t handle commercial gun shipments.  So all that business is left to UPS or FedEx.  UPS policy requires all gun shipments to go overnight — which is of course more expensive.  FedEx publicly claims to also require overnight shipping.

But FedEx does not apply its public rules to everyone. According to the document, the company has struck a deal with dozens of major gun manufacturers and dealers in an effort to woo the industry away from competitors with lower cost shipping. The agreement, which has not been previously reported, shows how important the handgun shipment business is to FedEx.

The claim FedEx recently made that their common carrier status prevented them from dropping the NRA discount program was already a transparent lie.

Now it would appear that there was a more venal motive — to expand their business with the blood money that comes from providing secret, favorable terms for the nation’s gun manufacturers.

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Steve Smith
Steve Smith

Corporate transparency at its finest. These guys get to ship guns and get kickbacks from the manufactures while seeking tax breaks! This is why trump got his tax plan stuffed down our throats! Vote BLUE!


Here’s a thought. If a human…who teaches….is mentally fit amd qualified to carry and fire a pistol and has the Right to carry a concealed weapon….then…much like commercial airline pilots may or may not choose to nw armed…. School districts should then ask parents…”Does the majoritty of parents want its teachers to protect their children by carrying fiee arms.” Onr armed teacher mau protect a classroom of students from one armed assailant. END OF REMARKS