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Donald Trump had a bipartisan meeting with lawmakers this afternoon about guns, and it did not go well. Between forgetting all his past stances, forgetting all past efforts to  better regulate guns, insulting nearly everyone at the meeting and even forgetting past mass shootings he himself presided over, it did not go well at all.

He forgot there was a church shooting in Texas just last November:

He opined that the Parkland police should have confiscated the most recent shooter’s guns, even if they had no legal right to do so:

He claimed past background check bills didn’t have presidential support, blaming Obama, then when reminded otherwise declared the one Obama supported failed because Obama supported it. For the record, this was his “stance” at the time:

He picked a fight with the most recent congressperson to have survived a shooting:

But he also blamed video games for violence, and declared that gun free zones were “the most dangerous places” in America, while asserting that lawmakers are afraid of the NRA, and promising bump stocks will be “gone”.

This was truly Word Fountain Trump; apparently ignorant of even recent events, full of insults for everyone in the room, unable to remember his own stances but agreeing with commonsense Democratic-pushed reforms that his White House has been furiously opposed to as of (checks watch) five minutes ago.

We can only assume that Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be canceling the next week’s worth of press conferences while a team diligently attempts to suss out just what the hell Trump’s new positions are, while members of his own staff fall over themselves attempting to remind him what they were a few days ago.

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