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Monday morning, this bit of news came through the wire, via of the Associated Press.

As our very own Jen Hayden wondered out loud.

Sadly we won’t see receipts. For one, there aren’t any; and if there are it’s for a few bucks that the Trump Organization will use as some sort of tax write-off that allows them to skirt child labor laws or something equally evil. Of course, this will likely draw quite a few Freedom of Information Act requests, and subsequently will get some kind of extraordinary explanation from Sarah Huckabee Sanders about how the U.S. Treasury is “exempt” from FOIA requests because:

An artist’s reproduction of Sarah Sanders in the future

And poof, Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be gone. Subsequently, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will call for the Freedom of Information Act to be rescinded as a tool of Hillary Clinton’s “deep state.”

The Trump Organization is a crew of people that support a man who fundraises off victims of school shootings, hours after they have come out of surgery. Trump is a man who routinely seems to use “charities” in order to spend the money raised … on himself. And the Trump hotels have been a revolving door of the pay-to-play politics Trump so loudly charged every person in Washington, D.C. of participating in.

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