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The good folks at Gallup are saying what most of us already know. The blue wave is coming… and it’s angry:

In a 2017 U.S. Party Affiliation by State poll, Gallup is showing some really surprising results.

States that have always traditionally been red states, like Texas, Indiana and Kentucky are now categorized as “Competitive.”

Other traditionally conservative states like Missouri, Mississippi and Arkansas now just “lean Republican.”
It’s not just that our polling is really good in the Lone Star state. Democrats, for the longest time, have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by hitting the snooze button on voting.

Well, guess who’s finally showing up to work?


Maybe pissing on Latinos wasn’t the smartest strategy for the GOP, in hindsight.

A lot of good candidates this year are running.  The DCCC and Swing Left are hard targeting counties that Hillary won that are currently held by the GOP. There are swarms of Democrats vying for these seats because the numbers look good:

TX-6 is also in real play because the GOP incumbent, Joe Barton, is leaving due to his proclivity of sending nude photos of him masturbating to very unfortunate women.

Actually, all Texas seats are in play. We have been winning seats with PVs of 20+. The ones I just mentioned may be the low hanging fruit, but Democrats are bringing their own ladders this year.

BTW, Ted Cruz is as unpopular as ever. And his opponent? Who’s barely started to get his name out there? He’s just within single digits of overtaking him!

Beto O’Rourke takes on Ted Cruz:

Our candidate for governor? Sheriff Lupe Valdez. Being liberal, gay, and Latina, she’s had to be tough, which is something Texas likes in their candidates:

There are PLENTY of Dem candidates at all levels running in Texas that deserve our support before the primaries. Donate your time and money now, and let’s end our national nightmare of GOP control. Wouldn’t it be something if Dem control of the House came through because of the voters from TEXAS?

Sooner or later, the shifting demographics of this state will turn it blue. I thought it would be later, but it appears the GOP is determined to make this happen a heck of a lot faster.

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