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In the new court documents released today  was the revelation that earlier this month — while already engaged in negotiations with Mueller’s team — Rick Gates lied to the FBI about a meeting that took place in spring, 2013.

The document says that Gates on Feb. 1 knowingly and falsely testified that “there were no discussions of Ukraine” at that meeting, which was between Manafort, “a senior Company A lobbyist,” and “a Member of Congress.”

We all want to know: who was that congresscritter?

TPM has identified a sure bet candidate, and, no surprise, it is Dana Rohrabacher, “Putin’s favorite congressman”.

Manafort’s June 2017 FARA filing– which acknowledges that his firm, DMP International, LLC, conducted millions of dollars in business with the pro-Russia Ukrainian Party of Regions –notes that he met with Rohrabacher on that day. Three days later, Manafort donated $1,000 to Rohrabacher’s congressional campaign.

They go on to finger Vin Webber as the likely lobbyist.

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  1. Congress has know about this guy forever – Russia’s lackey. How has he remained in Congress – and out of prison – all this time?? Now he has a fellow traitor-conspirator in Nunes. Look at Rohrabacher…..he even looks Russian. Maybe he’s a mole. (Nunes just looks like a dink.) One thing we have learned through all this – the ‘system of checks and balances’ doesn’t work when you get traitors in all branches of government. Of course, no one thought it could happen here. At least before mien fuhrer Drumpf.


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