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The Golden State Warriors just keep on winning. Almost immediately after they won the 2017 NBA Championship, rumors leaked that the team voted unanimously to skip visiting the White House, a longstanding tradition of our nation’s championship teams. Coach Steve Kerr said the team was having a difficult time reconciling Trump’s comments about NFL players:

“Because of the differences…the president made it really difficult for us to honor [the White House]. Our differences, I think in terms of our team and our organization’s values are so dramatically different, in terms of inclusion, civil discourse, dignity, and it’s hard for us every day. We’re seeing the things he’s saying.

“I thought yesterday his comments about the NFL players were as bad as anything he’s said to this point. Awful, you talk about young men who are peacefully protesting police brutality and racism, racial inequality, peacfully protesting, hallmarks of our country, come on. This has been really difficult for us to have to reconcile.”

Comments like that hurt Trump’s impossibly fragile ego and he basically said, “You can’t quit, you’re fired!”

In a fantastic ending to this embarrassing saga, the Golden State Warriors say they are forging ahead with a trip to D.C., but instead of meeting with Trump, they’ll be meeting with a more mature audience: children.

From ESPN:

Head coach Steve Kerr left it up to the players to determine how they wanted to spend their time, and the players selected a venue in which local kids would join them. It will be closed off to the media, sources said.

The players wanted the outing to be a personal, intimate experience.

“It’s their championship. They got disinvited to the White House, so it’s up to them what they wanted to do. So they made their plans,” Kerr told ESPN. “I want the players to have a good day and to do something positive and to enjoy what they’re doing.”

The tour will consist only of players, coaches and students, sources said.

It’s a slam dunk decision by the whole team.

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