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Mashable / YouTube

The NRA took a break from posting on Twitter after yet another mass shooting in our nation’s schools, this time killing 17 students and teachers. It was a noticeably long break from social media for the gun lobby group, who typically and shamelessly don’t shy away from posting after mass murders.

But, they are back at it and decided to use a GIF from the show “Parks and Recreation” featuring the famous fictional public servant and all around do-gooder, Leslie Knope to congratulate NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch for her pummeling before a CNN town hall audience in Florida.

That did not go over well with former cast member Nick Offerman, the notoriously grumpy boss of the fictional Leslie Knope. He punched back on Twitter with a demand to remove the video and a polite invitation for the NRA and Dana Loesch to “Please eat shit.”

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