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So Donald Trump is now supposedly on board with discussing and possibly revising a bill strengthening the federal gun background check system (believe that one when you see it) but the White House’s other plans for showing that Trump cares and is serious about guns are … just perfect.

… the White House has scheduled a listening session for the president with high school students and teachers on Wednesday.

Yes, Donald Trump is going to have a “listening session.” Does he realize that means he’s supposed to listen to other people, not make them listen to him?

On Thursday, Trump will meet “with state and local officials on school safety.”

The problem isn’t schools, it’s guns. That’s why we’ve also had major mass shootings at a concert and a church in the past six months—will Trump be meeting with officials on concert safety and church safety and, presumably down the road, mall safety and workplace safety and street safety? Or maybe he could just take on the real issue. (Ha ha ha ha ha.)

The next morning, the president will address the Conservative Political Action Conference, a group for which gun rights are a top issue. Wayne LaPierre, one of the leaders of the NRA, is also scheduled to speak.

Yup, perfect. Here’s the bar: unless Trump goes to CPAC and calls for major new gun safety laws, we know anything sympathetic he says to survivors or students and teachers concerned about being killed in the next shooting is a load of bull. Unless Trump genuinely supports meaningful legislation all the way through to passage and signing, anything he says suggesting he supports change is a load of bull. He gets no credit for listening or meeting or talking until he’s doing.

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  1. Trump, the adulterous dope, wouldn’t know what he was talking about if he wrote it himself! He cherry picks his own alternative “facts” out of one of his hideous MAGA Nazi hats and reveals his idiocy on a daily basis! Go back to your wasteful, lazy, spoiled lifestyle when you were the “king” in your own cult, and let REAL adults do the REAL work, Trumpo the Clown!


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