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Just when you thought that Agent Orange couldn’t be more crass about his working a photo-op at Parkland Florida into his golf weekend… He decides to challenge people to look at more of the social media evidence contradicting his claims back to 2012.

His assertion that, because the Russian group began its misinformation operations around April 2014, there could be no ties to his own campaign, is—for lack of a better word—stupid. Just because the Russian conspiracy was launched prior to his formal announcement doesn’t mean its aims weren’t flexible.

An interesting twitter thread (by twitter.com/…) on 45*’s claim about when he began his quest and the possibility that he allowed himself to be played by russian trolls and bots back in 2013.

SCROTUS @_NotFakeNews_

Trumps timeline of events starting from 2012 when he started his application for #MAGA™️ (trademark) Pay attention to the dates of each filing vs the dates of each tweet, it’s important.

Here is the timeline of Trumps patent, this timeline vs his teeets is the key to his timeline of events leading up to his candidacy.

1) Starting on Nov 19th 2012 trump filed to apply for his Trademark application for the rights to use “Make America Great Again”.

2) hundreds of followers were pushing for him to run for President in 2013. Trump retweeted @RonnieDunn1164 is a fake (Russian) account.

3) Trump back in September stated he was going to Russia for the MU pageant

4) after the Notice of publication trump retweeted again DOZENS Of tweets pushing him to run for President. All the while, bashing Obama and dems.

5) @TimTMahar which is a fake account pushing for trump (while in Russia for MU pageant) to bring leadership back. Trump retweeted.

6) while still in Russia trump retweets dozens of people pushing for him to enter the 2016 race. @_maleki_ which doesn’t exist anymore as @el_juino (<- From Venezuela) hasn’t been active since 2014, fake account.

7) This is where it gets really interesting. Back on Nov. 12 2013, while in Russia, Trump began planning a skyscraper in Moscow, and met with multiple Russian officials.

8) Mind you back in June 2013, trump told nbc he had a great relationship with Putin, and tried to meet with him in 2010-2011 nbcnews.com/news/us-news/t…?amp=1

9) on October 9th trump received notice of publication for #MAGA @PMPrindiville- fake account.

10) on Jan 29th Trump field for an extension for the Statement of Use for the TM. Still retweeting people’s support of his run for office. @Desheay and @ou_sg are both fake accounts.

11) @itsRyanHilton – a Canadian pushing for his president? Fake account. On the same date Trump filed another extension of the SOU WHILE RETWEETING DOZENS of pro trump/pro-Russian tweets for potus.

12) on Jan 30th trump stated he would run for president and win. (Still before he said he would run)

13) May 27th is the bombshell date. Trumps Make America Great Again trademark was approved. He started using it again and again, while stating he would run. If he wasn’t planning on running for President, why would he start the TM back in 2012, before going to Russia?

Trump went to Russia knowing he would get help from Russian elites in exchange for the Trump Skyscraper in Moscow. He also spoke at the CPAC on Feb 6th ahead of his bid for candidacy.

14) on Jun 16th exactly ten days before his full announcement, Trump received the acceptance of the TM from the TM office. He can now fully use this as his presidential slogan

15) over the next several days, trump announced his run for presidency.

The significance of this timeline is crucial to his timeline of events. He didn’t start becoming interested in running until he met the Russian Elites back in Nov 2013. This was Way before he announced he would run.
During the three years leading up to his run, Flynn met Kislyak, Jr was in constant contact with Russian lawyers and officials. Leading a trail directly to trump.
16) Throughout the three years, he was propelled forwards by many fake Russian accounts. This has now came to light since Mueller indicted 13 Russians who created fake accounts and propelled fake news articles.
Each of the (at least) 13 Russians who were falsifying information to the American people were direct by the Kremlin (as intelligence officials have found out)

And when did this all start? 2013/2014 this is no coincidence. Trump sought Russia’s help during the Miss Universe pageant and from that point on, treason was his number one goal

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  1. What a disgusting, lying sack of shit!! He has been plotting with Russia for YEARS to RUIN our great country!!! The treasonous piece of filth needs to be hanged for his crimes against the U.S., ASAP!!! I hate Trump and EVERYTHING he stands for! He’d sell the country to the highest bidder if he could. Maybe he has already! His cult are complicit in his crimes and should be brought up on charges of treason as well! ANYONE who still supports this monster has sold their soul to the devil, and will pay for their idiocy in the end. In fact, EVERYONE who voted for Trump sold their soul to the devil and are now walking around as a soulless zombie who already had no morals. Shame on EVERYONE who has allowed this catastrophe to continue! We are DOOMED if Trump and his cult are allowed to do whatever they want as the hypocrites they are!

  2. Get ready to vote on November 6, 2018! With 33 Senate Seats and the entire House up for elections, November 6 is OUR chance to ruin tRump and the GOP itself for having kidnapped our country right out from under us! I mostly blame the MEDIA for his election, since not once did I EVER come across any news media that ever even mentioned the othre 3 possible candidates for office. YES, there were 3 more, besides the Repugs and the Dems. The jury is still out on the Dems, but as of this November 6, we have a unique opportunity to get nearly every Republican OFF the roster and even to decimate the GOP so badly they are replaced by another party chosen by the PEOPLE!
    From this date forward, never, ever vote for ANY Republican for any office, anywhere, for any reason! If the people of this great country will get out and vote en-masse this November, we can:
    1. Nearly immediately make tRump, Pinch et al, IMPEACHABLE!
    2. Drive out every Republican in the House and turn it over to the Dems.
    3. So decimate the GOP, who are really running the shows, and are the power behind taking our country from us, so badly that they become a fading memory as they are replaced by another party, one who WE the people choose, and one who will have had a solid history of being for a gvt that is of, by and for the people! If we should miss any Republicans in 2018, we’ll be able to get the rest of them in 2020 and 2024! But I don’t think we’ll need to go that long: November 6, 2018 is OUR opportunity to take our country back from the party-before-people mantras of the GOP!
    To accomplish these feats, all we need is for the often silent voters to come forth and participate in the November 6, 2018 elections!
    So as you go out to vote this November, convince as many people as possible to go with you! We will then be assured that we will, as of this November, take back our great country and reset Democracy once again.
    Please vote in the Midterm elections this November 6, 2018, and bring as many other voters as you can along with you! WE the people CAN take our nation back from the greed and putrid mess the GOP has created!


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