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White supremacist in chief Donald Trump took time away from scamming the American public to lie about how he was not scamming the American public during one of his patented not-a-press-conference, press conferences. Referencing this Wall Street Journal article about General Motors trying to union bust in South Korea:

General Motors Co. GM +1.14% is sending a tough message to thousands of South Korean workers during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, saying it will close a Korean factory in May and pressure union officials for additional cost cuts to stem losses.


GM has three other factories in South Korea, which has long been one of the Detroit auto giant’s core units because of its export business and other engineering operations it acquired when it took over the remnants of Daewoo’s bankrupt automotive company 16 years ago. The auto maker said Monday the company is committed to keeping Korean operations, but the factory closure is a “first step” in a broader restructuring.

Into this insane lie.

Trump: Korea announces the firststep in necessary restructuring.They are going to Korea companysaid it will close its plant inmay of 2018 and they will moveback to Detroit.You don’t hear these thingsexcept for the fact that trumpbecame president, believe me.You wouldn’t be hearing that.

You wouldn’t be hearing the easily verifiable lying, that’s for sure. But there is nothing about General Motors moving it’s Korean plant to Detroit.

That sounds like winning to me.

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