Barack and Michelle Obama Have Been Invited to the Royal Wedding; Donald Trump Was Not


I know that this is petty, but I couldn’t help myself. Donald Trump is going to hate this:

 A royal source toldDaily Star that the prince and his fiancé “want to do things their own way,” despite some aides advising them not to invite the Obamas because it would outrage current president Donald Trump, who has reportedly not been invited. But now the decision is up to the Obamas. Barack Obama and Prince Harry have a genuine friendship, writes Daily Star,one that goes beyond politics and work. Obama was recently interviewed by the prince on BBC Radio 4’s Today program. When the prince and Markle’s engagement was announced, Obama tweeted “We wish you a lifetime of you and happiness together.”

Donald Trump was reportedly not invited.

I love this for two very big reasons. First, two young and able people are standing up for themselves and taking control. Secondly, the invitation to the Obamas represents a huge slap to  the face of Donald Trump and his horde of nihilists.

The Obamas have not RSVP’d as of yet, but sources are saying that they are sure that the Obamas will attend.  The fact that Trump will probably blow his stack is reason enough for me to take a few hours out of my day to watch this overblown ceremony.  And besides, Obama has been a genuine friend to Prince Harry.  Harry should be able to invite his friend to his wedding, and without having to worry about the reaction of an orange colored obnoxious stranger.…

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I say GO FOR IT! It’s their wedding, should make them happy not Tantrum Trump!


I wouldn’t invite trump to anything ; he’s a pig