Trump blocks release of Democratic memo, citing ‘significant concerns’

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Despite the House Intelligence Committee voting unanimously to release the Democratic response to Rep. Devin Nunes’ sham memo, the White House announced Friday evening that Trump would not release the memo without revisions.

Reuters reported that Trump was encouraging the House Intelligence Committee to revise the memo in concert with the Justice Department.

Reached by phone Friday night, Democratic House Intelligence member Eric Swalwell told MSNBC that he was willing to work with the Department of Justice to revise the memo if this is, in fact, not just a politically influenced ploy. Swalwell had just learned of the news and hadn’t had time to consult the Justice Department on the nature of Trump’s concerns.

“I’m reflexively skeptical,” he said. “It looks obstructive, but I’mwilling to give the Departmentof Justice the benefit of thedoubt and hear from them if they are going to come in on Tuesday and explainto us what their concerns are.”

Swalwell also outlined three significant points that the Democratic memo makes:

  • the “arsenal of evidence” beyond the Steele dossier that went into getting a warrant to surveil former Trump campaign aide Carter Page
  • an accurate and detailed timeline
  • the seriousness of the threat that Russia posed during the election.

Sure sounds interesting if we can ever get our hands on it.

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Should be no surprise here. The surprise will be if Trump lets it go through after revision. We’ll see what the dictator does.