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Top Donald Trump aide Rob Porter was fired or resigned, depending on who you talk to at the White House, after reports surfaced that two of Porter’s ex-wives have accused him of domestic violence and both told the FBI about the domestic abuse. White House Counsel Donald McGahn reportedly knew about the abuse allegations for more than a year:

The Washington Post reports that McGahn knew about allegations from Porter’s two ex-wives of physical and emotional abuse at least a year ago, while Kelly knew as early as last fall and gave Porter a bigger role in controlling the flow of info to President Trump.

McGahn initially learned of the allegations in January 2017 but saw Porter as a steadying force in the Trump administration and wanted him to remain on-staff, the Post reports.

Christopher Lu, a former aide to Obama, believes the security lapse warrants a “serious investigation by Congress” and he questions whether Donald Trump himself gave Rob Porter a waiver so he could access the top secret information Porter was charged with delivering to the president every day.

In the meantime, the White House is floating a new target for the blame: Hope Hicks, current girlfriend of Rob Porter and top aide to Donald Trump. Yes, despite three extremely powerful men—Donald Trump, John Kelly and Donald McGahn—giving cover and clearance to Rob Porter, the administration seems intent on tossing a woman under the bus for their security lapse.

Watch below:

Hicks is not blameless, she allegedly crafted the statement defending Porter when reporters first asked for comment. Nevertheless, there is a narrative building that she’s to blame for Trump, Kelly and McGahn’s stunning lack of judgement and their decision to let Rob Porter have access to the nation’s most sensitive information.

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