Inside the Capitol, the Sedition Caucus cowered from the mob. Immediately after the insurrection attempt, they carried out the rioters work by trying to overthrow the election. 

The Capitol Police were outmanned and overrun. Yet many bravely held the line as best they could, evacuated the lawmakers, and kept any of them from being captured and killed. Sadly three of these officers have died, with 140 officers injured. The legislation specifically called out Goodman for his heroism, as well as honored those who died. 

The House voted 413-12 to award the gold medals to Capitol Police, Metropolitan Police and other law enforcement officers who responded. Those 12 who voted against were exactly the people you would expect. 

  1. Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas

  2. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia

    Of course her….

  3. Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona

  4. Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky

  5. Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland

  6. Rep. Lance Gooden of Texas

  7. Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida

  8. Rep. Michael Cloud of Texas

  9. Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia

  10. Rep. Bob Good of Virginia

  11. Rep. Greg Steube of Florida

  12. Rep. John Rose of Tennessee

No way were they going to honor those who stopped Trump’s mob from overthrowing the government. If the FBI is looking for those who aided and abetted this attack on democracy, it might want to look at the phone records of these guys. 

These bastards need to be hounded by the media on why they voted against honoring the men and women who saved them and their staff that awful day. This also needs to be thrown in their face everytime they try to pretend to respect law enforcement. 

Thomas Massie and Matt Gaetz expressed concerns for the attackers, saying that the riots were not actually an “insurrection,” and that labeling it as such might be bad for the insurrectionists. They actually admitted to not voting for the legislation honoring the heroes that day because they feared what charges might be used against the criminals. I don’t know how this squares with Gaetz’ impassioned speech on January 6th that all of the attackers were “Antifa.”

Just to be clear, they are talking about  insurrectionists like Thomas Webster, who beat a cop with a pipe and then almost blinded him by trying to gouge his eye out.


Normal Americans look at this and think, damn, those police had to go through hell and deserve to be honored.  A dozen conservative fascists looked at this and decided to hell with that, what about those causing the violence?

Just another reminder that there is no bottom for these people.

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