Ben Leonard

Brad Parscale is calling on former President Donald Trump to run again, saying multiple impeachments can work in his onetime boss’ favor.

“If they only impeached you twice, you need to run again. Because to change the system you have to kick it in the a#$,” Trump’s former campaign manager wrote in a tweet Saturday addressed to the now Twitter-less Trump. “I would love to be [sic] the only President to be impeached three times. Because history remembers those that didn’t conform. I’m in, are you?”

Parscale also gave Trump advice on strategy in a subsequent tweet.

“If Trump asked me how to win again. I would run on being impeached twice. They are about to give him super powers,” Parscale wrote. “They are about to make him a martyr.”

After losing in November, Trump told allies that he was running in 2024, but that was before the Capitol insurrection he spurred on led to his unprecedented second impeachment and clouded his political future.

Support among Republicans and GOP-leaning independents for a Trump 2024 GOP primary bid dipped from 53 percent in November to 40 percent as of mid-January, according to POLITICO/Morning Consult polls.

Parscale was Trump’s 2020 campaign manager until July, when he was removed abruptly from his post. He remained on the campaign in a limited role until September, when he left altogether after an incident at his Florida home in which Parscale was involuntarily detained by police.

In the Fox News interview, he said he’s still loyal to Trump. Parscale did, however, disagree with Trump’s pandemic strategy, arguing the then-president should have been more empathetic in his response.

“A young family with a young child who are scared to take them back to school wanted to see an empathetic president. And an empathetic Republican Party,” Parscale said. “And I said this multiple times and he chose a different path. I don’t think he was wrong, I love him, but we had a difference on this. I thought we should have public empathy.”

Trump is facing a second Senate impeachment trial next week on charges of inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. The House impeached Trump in December 2019 on charges of abuse of power and obstructing Congress but he was acquitted in the Senate. It’s widely expected that Trump will be acquitted again this time around.


  1. Didn’t they used to burn martyrs at the stake then adopted a more humane way by hanging, until almost dead then drawing a sword across a body in the the shape of a cross, gutting the criminal.and the final ignominy, was placing the head on a pike, just saying

  2. When the United States of America starts elevating criminals to martyrs we will lose our national credibility as a leader for democracy.

    • Thanks to tRump we’ve lost that credibility and so much more. We aren’t the only country to elect a known crook who cheated in and rigged the 2016 election for President, but we have always held ourselves and our democracy above such third world shenanigans. Then again, tRump said the USA should be considered a third world country. Parscale is an embezzling drug addict. He and tRump deserve each other. You two and the rest of you white supremacists take your third world and go to South America or the Middle East.


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